Some Photo Sites and Blogs I Follow

[by Fritz] I check Rob Galbraith’s news site every day. It’s really well done and quick to read. Rob is Canadian (Calgary), but the content is of broad interest and he’s popular on both sides of the border. They filter through all of the photography noise out there – new gear, software, announcements, photographers, web launches, trends, events, awards – and present a couple of postings with a good summary and a bit of opinion. Rob and his colleagues also do their own technical analyses of gear performance, and they understand the business of photography. A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to have Mike at Galbraith write a post about my portfolio, and we enjoyed a spike in web hits for weeks.

I monitor the Luminous Landscape website which is run by a Canadian from out east, Michael Reichmann. The site design is horrendous, but they have passionate gear reviews and they’re right on top of camera technology. They do pretty detailed analysis and opinion pieces that can be very useful.

Joe McNally has more Facebook fans than the population of the city where I live. Joe is a working photographer who’s been in the biz for years, and he’s a master of social media. His blog entries are always good for a chuckle. Sometimes they’re informative in terms of photo technique and business, and occasionally his philosophical entries verge on profound. Joe’s self-deprecating, guy-next-door style makes for a good read.

I actually do follow Vince Laforet’s blog. It can be hit and miss, but he’s a good photographer and he’s an early adopter. I think some of his suggestions are so heavy from his technology love affair that they’re a bit ridiculous, but he’s so into it that he’s on top of the trends and he’s an industry leader.

To help stay on top of developments on the software front, I occasionally check Photoshop News, Lightroom Journal and Jack Nack on Adobe.

For a creative hit, one of the places I occasionally check is Burn magazine. This used to be David Allan Harvey’s blog and now it’s evolved into Burn. It’s photojournalism – issues, often dark and moody, controversial, weird, inspirational, all over the map. Sometimes I wonder, what are they smoking? Other times I see something amazing and am really inspired.

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