And they’re off! The 2011 Yukon Quest start in Whitehorse

[by Teresa]  All of Whitehorse turns out for the start of the Yukon Quest, especially when it’s -10 and sunny like today. The girls and I visited with friends and watched the teams race by while Fritz did a bit of shooting. The highlight was a dog who broke loose at the start line and pranced around ahead of his team as they left the chute. I couldn’t help but wonder what he was thinking: “Should I run for it, or should I rejoin the team for the 1000 miles to Fairbanks?” It’s billed as the toughest sleddog race in the world, and these dogs are incredible athletes.

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  1. Rick Massie says:

    Awesome shots Fritz! The lighting condition were a challenge, yet you still pulled off these incredible photos. They really capture the intensity of the race!

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