Feeling the Freedom

[by Teresa]: This summer marks four years since the arrival of our two new roommates. As friends and family know, having twins pretty much blindsided us. After a dozen years as a totally self-absorbed, adventuring couple, our household doubled in size and practically everything came to a screeching halt. No sleep, no perspective, no ability to work: that first year was a blur.

Fast-forward to last summer, when our intrepid three-year-olds tagged along on all kinds of adventures. For a week they sat at the edge of a remote river watching grizzly bears feast on salmon a few yards away. They camped out on the back of a ferry. They went on assignment for Canadian Geographic. And now they play together while we get back to what we used to do a lot more of: talking shop about photography, about stories, about shelved plans that are being dusted off. These kids rock.

It took a lot of effort and adjustment to get from two sets of diapers to two pairs of hiking boots, but we made it. Their enthusiasm for ‘bentures’ is infectious, so this year promises lots of family-friendly exploits: scaling volcanoes, learning their wildflowers, more helicopter flights, loads of time sleeping in a tent.

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