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First test of our new MōVI

Wednesday, September 18th, 2013

[Teresa] We recently added some incredible new technology to our motion kit. The MōVI M10 from Freefly Systems is a handheld 3-axis digital stabilized camera gimbal that is changing the world of filmmaking. This weekend we took it out to put it through its paces. Chasing kids around in the forest was a pretty good test – here are the results.

This demo, The Berry Patch, was shot entirely handheld using a Freefly Systems MōVI M10 with a Canon 1DX and a Zeiss 14mm distagon lens.

Camera and MōVI – Fritz Mueller
Editing – Teresa Earle
Music – Serena Ryder Mary Go Round under license from Universal Music Canada

Filmed in Whitehorse, Yukon. Copyright Fritz Mueller Visuals 2013

Photographers advocating for copyright reform

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

[by Teresa] Each year at tax time when we tally up all the business memberships, we usually have a brief debate about the merits of the various industry and business associations we support. It really adds up, so when you’re looking to trim the fat it’s a logical expense to examine. But we rarely cancel a membership – we believe in the strength of collectives, and most of these organizations work very hard to create value for members.

This year we’ve been watching the work of the Canadian Photographers Coalition, a partnership of CAPIC and PPOC that works to extend copyright fairness to working professional photographers. Canada’s copyright legislation is now being modernized, so the coalition has been very busy over the past year preparing for submissions and presentations and lobbying efforts in Ottawa. Ownership of first copyright on commissioned works is a core issue for image creators; as authors of these works photographers are seeking a small amendment to the new Copyright Act to ensure their rights of authorship are protected.

The Coalition produced a limited edition portfolio featuring 22 Canadian photographers from a range of regions and genres to present in Parliament to Ministers and committees working on Bill C-11. As one of the photographers profiled, we are pleased to have contributed to their efforts to push for copyright fairness for photographers. 

Our Yukon photo book is here!

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

[by Fritz and Teresa] Last week our first book, Yukon – A Wilder Place published by Greystone, hit bookshelves across Canada. This book has been ten years in the making. Back in 2001, we thought it would be “neat” to make a book about a place we felt passionate about. It turned out to be more challenging than we could have imagined. When you pick up a book, or watch a movie, or walk through a gallery, the finished product looks so easy – like it all just fell into place. Making a book has given us a much better appreciation of how hard creators work!

All along we’ve been driven by a question that we posed to ourselves on a winter night a decade ago: what do we find so compelling about the Yukon? For us this journey has been defined very much by our desire to explore Yukon wilderness. Many of our richest life experiences have been in the northern wilds. We also know that we are incredibly fortunate to live in such a place. Vast, wild landscapes like the Yukon are increasingly hard to find. This week, as we celebrated the arrival of our book, the world population reached 7 billion people. We hope this book helps build appreciation for how special, rare and valuable Yukon wilderness truly is.

Let us know your thoughts about our photos and stories. Better yet, we’d love to hear your stories about the Yukon. What is it that YOU find compelling about the Yukon? If you’’ve never been to the Yukon, tell us about your “wilder place”. You can share your thoughts here or on our Facebook page.

Our book is available in bookstores across Canada. Here are some other options:

  • Canadians outside the Yukon: We are offering a book launch special through our website: Buy online from us before December 31 and receive a signed copy of our book AND a free 2012 Yukon calendar (available to Canadian addresses only). You can also request a personalized book inscription.
  • U.S. residents: The book will be launched in the United States in March 2012.
  • Overseas: Please contact us directly for a shipping quote.

Searching for our Yukon Top 200

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

[by Fritz] I’m selecting and preparing 200 Yukon images for a project we started ten years ago. We’re scrolling through tens of terabytes of images archived on raw hard drives and poring over filing cabinets stuffed with 35mm and medium format slides looking for top images representing a decade of work. We started in the world of film, and our business is now fully digital, so this project spans huge shifts in technology – definitely one of the challenges of building a business in an industry that has experienced enormous change. Scanning, final edit and processing in Lightroom. Tight deadlines and lots to do. More to follow soon.

Some Photo Sites and Blogs I Follow

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

[by Fritz] I check Rob Galbraith’s news site every day. It’s really well done and quick to read. Rob is Canadian (Calgary), but the content is of broad interest and he’s popular on both sides of the border. They filter through all of the photography noise out there – new gear, software, announcements, photographers, web launches, trends, events, awards – and present a couple of postings with a good summary and a bit of opinion. Rob and his colleagues also do their own technical analyses of gear performance, and they understand the business of photography. A couple of years ago we were lucky enough to have Mike at Galbraith write a post about my portfolio, and we enjoyed a spike in web hits for weeks.

I monitor the Luminous Landscape website which is run by a Canadian from out east, Michael Reichmann. The site design is horrendous, but they have passionate gear reviews and they’re right on top of camera technology. They do pretty detailed analysis and opinion pieces that can be very useful.

Joe McNally has more Facebook fans than the population of the city where I live. Joe is a working photographer who’s been in the biz for years, and he’s a master of social media. His blog entries are always good for a chuckle. Sometimes they’re informative in terms of photo technique and business, and occasionally his philosophical entries verge on profound. Joe’s self-deprecating, guy-next-door style makes for a good read.

I actually do follow Vince Laforet’s blog. It can be hit and miss, but he’s a good photographer and he’s an early adopter. I think some of his suggestions are so heavy from his technology love affair that they’re a bit ridiculous, but he’s so into it that he’s on top of the trends and he’s an industry leader.

To help stay on top of developments on the software front, I occasionally check Photoshop News, Lightroom Journal and Jack Nack on Adobe.

For a creative hit, one of the places I occasionally check is Burn magazine. This used to be David Allan Harvey’s blog and now it’s evolved into Burn. It’s photojournalism – issues, often dark and moody, controversial, weird, inspirational, all over the map. Sometimes I wonder, what are they smoking? Other times I see something amazing and am really inspired.